Muchos problemas. Demasiado estresada. Muy triste que ni dan ganas de salir 


Todos, tenemos problemas, todos nos sentimos tristes y depresivos a veces pero no se nos acaba el mundo. En algún momento vamos a tener que darnos un descanso de tanta negatividad.

Y ese momento es AHORITA


Cold weather is taking control in Lima & personally the last thing i want to do is getting out of home.

If you are just like me & wanna do the same, i recommend you turn on your laptop, Xbox, smart tv or whatever you have Netflix installed & go watch Girl Boss! Really, i watched it already & LOVED it.


It's been so long since i last post music on a friday. I'll get back at it starting today :)

It's CL's turn, Korean girl who is doing great in America.